Leia Avery is the Founder of Just Play Entertainment and creator of the Hip Hop Charades card game. Just Play has been bringing people closer over fun and games since 2009! Leia started off by selling Hip Hop Charades (formerly known as Catch My Drift) at kiosks in local malls. In 2013, Leia decided to start hosting monthly Just Play game nights featuring Hip Hop Charades and other games to bring back nostalgic fun such as musical chairs, family feud, etc. Just Play now host team builds for companies such as McDonalds, AT&T, Deloitte, etc. 
Leia's entrepreneurial endeavors started as early as a child, when her dad created a swing using a tire in the backyard, she decided to create a carnival and charged neighborhood kids .50 to play games such as, "throw the ball in the bucket" like on the Bozo Show.  Leia’s outgoing spirit may come as a surprise for most who know her, since she was very shy growing up. Playing games helped to get her out of her shell. Leia never let her fears stop her from chasing her dreams, she went from crying on stage at her kindergarten graduation speech to being a social butterfly and speaking in front of thousands. 

Find her on Wednesday's at 1pm to play Battle of the Sexes Hip Hop Charades live via FB and/or book her to host your upcoming virtual event!