Virtual Teens Game Bundle

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We've got the best games to help break the ice while bringing on the competition!

“5 Second Rule" Score the most points by giving 3 answers before times up! Just spit it out since you only have 5 seconds to answer the selected category. For example: Name 3 breeds of dogs or Name 3 famous Michaels. 

“Hip Hop” Charades: Teams race against the clock to outguess opponents in the most Pop Culture and/or Hip Hop lingo to win. Guess phrases such as, “Too much Drip” or “Get the bag”. Mention a “violation word” and your team loses points. 

Pictionary: The host tells the contestant what to draw via private zoom chat message. Players shout out the answer, If they guess correctly, their team is awarded 5 points and the drawer is awarded 2 points. The first team to make it to 25 points wins! 

Survey Says: America’s favorite game show! Music & game sound effects will make you feel like you are on the actual show! Category examples: Name something you do once a week" or "Name something you do 1st thing in the morning”

Trivia: Host will read trivia questions that’ll display on screen. (Category Examples:  (Music, Dance, Movies, Fashion, etc.)


Additional players are an extra charge. Contact us for more information