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Ugly Sweater Christmas Games

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Get ready to rock your ugliest sweater and dive into a whirlwind of festive fun! We've got a lineup of incredible games that'll have everyone cheering. Save 30% off with our Black Friday Special! Want Christmas themed categories? no problem.

Games: America's Favorite Game Show, Pop Culture / Hip Hop Charades, Cups Up, Sing That and Music Trivia

America’s Favorite Game Show: (Family Feud Parody) Our most popular game show! Music & game sound effects will make you feel like you’re on the actual show! Categories: "Name something black people never throw away" or “Name something people have trouble controlling". 

Pop Culture / Hip Hop Charades: Teams race against opponents in the most hip hop and pop culture lingo to win. 

Cups Up Game: Be the 1st to grab the cup or you're out! 

Sing That: Be the first to hit the buzzer and win a point if you guess right. How to play: Sing a song that has the same word as listed on the card. For Example, If the card says “RING” I would sing the chorus of: “Put a ring on it” by Beyonce. 

According To Music Trivia: Finish the lyric or name the song

2 HRS OF FUN! It's all set to make your festivities unforgettable!

    Ugly Sweater Christmas Games
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