Virtual Baby Shower Games

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Baby Feud: ​​Our most popular game show! Music and game sound effects will make you feel like you are on the actual show! Categories include: "Name something a parent does to get their baby to sleep, Name a lullaby, etc.

Baby Jeopardy: ​​​​Players choose a category, point value and give the answer in the form of a question. Customization included! Send us the details about mommy’s pregnancy; such as favorite foods, the baby’s nickname, due date, etc. Categories: Disney Movies, Baby Animals, Nursery Rhymes, Baby Facts, etc.

Baby Scavenger Hunt: Be the 1st to find the items listed in your household to win! These items will give clues as it relates to the gender of the baby.

Gift Opening: We will spotlight the parent(s) as they open gifts with a champagne toast and allow everyone to personally congratulate and welcome the new baby!

12 players included. 2 hrs. Additional players are an extra charge. Contact us for more information