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Meet Leia Avery, the CEO of Just Play Entertainment and creator of the Hip Hop Charades card game. Tune in monthly on 92Q's Kenny Smoov Morning Show to play Hip Hop Charades now sold at Amazon and Walmart.com

Leia was shy growing up, but didn't let her fears stop her from reaching her goals. Leia's creative juices started flowing at an early age, she always had a passion for fun. Leia experienced her 1st entrepreneurial endeavor at the age of 7 when her dad made a swing in the backyard hanging a tire to a tree. Leia decided to make a carnival and charged neighbors .50 to play games like "Throw the Ball in the bucket" similar to the Bozo Show.

Leia had the idea to host events and launch Just Play Entertainment when many customers mentioned they haven't played the game yet. She realized, adults don’t take time out to enjoy life, with all the stress life brings, fun is just as necessary as drinking water is to live! "The feeling I get when people experience Just Play is priceless! It’s amazing how games can bring people closer together." - Leia Avery